Why You Should Use a Serviced Office Location

Whether your business is large or small, and whether it’s been around for decades or weeks, making it easier to manage should always be something you’re actively working at. Your products, business processes, management, and staff will tend to become more difficult to manage if you aren’t continuously working at simplifying things. Without consistent leadership and management, staff would gradually decline in their levels of productivity, and insubordinate attitudes would sneak into your employee’s minds. Your range of products or services, without occasional examination, would become disorganized and would lose their focus. Really, in every way possible, your business should be working to keep your business as easy to manage as possible.

When it comes to real estate, this is especially true. Dealing with the many issues that can arise with your physical office can be troublesome and time-consuming to manage. Serviced offices reduce these worries, and make your business that much easier to manage.


What Exactly Is a Serviced Office?

This may be an entirely new term to you, so it would obviously be pertinent to explain exactly what a serviced office, sometimes referred to as a managed office, is all about. A serviced office is an office space or entire building, depending on what you need, that is managed by a company such as BEOffices. These locations will often supply many things that a business typically needs, saving you the trouble of having to obtain these items and personnel on your own.

What Is Supplied to Me in a Serviced Office Location?

Your monthly rate includes various items which would be complicated to acquire on your own. For example, telecommunications hardware systems and access to the internet can be supplied by a serviced office broker. Standard office furniture is also supplied, which saves you the trouble of researching and then purchasing the furniture yourself, which would then require you to move it into the building. In addition, a front desk receptionist is also supplied by the serviced office broker, saving you the trouble of interviewing and then hiring someone yourself. While this receptionist is technically paid by the office broker, in essence, they work for you. They’ll greet your guests, take care of their needs during their visit, and answer your calls using your company’s own name.

What Other Benefits Do Serviced Offices Offer?

There are many other benefits available to your business by this type of real estate arrangement. One such benefit is the option for a very short term lease. If you want to test out a new market for a short period of time, or plan to have your staff work in a remote location for a limited time, this is the perfect way to set this up. Imagine that you and your staff are going overseas for a month for an important industry event. Where would you and your staff get work done when not attending the event? Of course, working in your individual hotel rooms might not be extremely efficient or productive. A serviced office would be the perfect way to handle a situation such as this. Additionally, maintenance of the building and its facilities is handled by the office broker, and this is covered in the fee you pay for the space. This means you never have to concern yourself with a broken item or appliance that’s supplied by the office broker.

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