Why You Should Consider Employee Drug Testing

Employers opt for drug testing services as a way to keep their workplaces free from potential danger. The very basic reason is to lay down a code of ethics at the workplace. Additionally, this helps them avoid hiring any employee who may be involved with drugs. Some private companies are allowed, by law, to carry out drug testing but smaller companies can also implement the practice. Here are some reasons they do:

  1. To Ensure Workplace Safety

Organizations that hire employees to operate machinery, drive, or do manual labor often do drug testing to ensure safety. It prevents the hiring of candidates involved in drug use. Drug testing protects the employees and it protects companies from adverse actions. Additionally, if a position requires an employee to interact with customers, drug testing reduces potential risks involved.

drug testing at work

  1. Adhere to Regulations or Law

Employment in specific industries requires preliminary drug testing due to state and federal regulations. Occupations related to transportation are required to refer employees to drug testing services before hiring. This is a law put in place by the US Department of Transportation. Other industries that are mostly regulated by the state, like teaching and healthcare, may also require drug testing at the workplace.

  1. To Show Integrity

Some organizations administer drug tests to employees in order to show themselves in a positive light to the public. It displays a level of professionalism and performance.  It also helps to gain public trust and attract consumers to a company’s products or services.

  1. To Receive Benefits

Conducting employee drug tests is also a way to receive additional benefits, discounts, or workers compensation benefits and discounts. Some healthcare insurance providers give companies group discounts for administering drug tests. Currently, 30 states practice laws which can disqualify employees from receiving unemployment benefits if they violate the workplace drug policies.

  1. Prevent Wrong Hiring

No organization wants to hire an employee who abuses drugs. It’s a problem that can be avoided with drug testing. Apart from administering drug tests prior to hiring, organizations may implement random drug tests. This helps ensure that all employees adhere to workplace ethics. It also helps provide a safe and healthy work environment for people to work in.

In most states, every organization has the right to administer drug tests. They implement rules which ensure best workplace practices and employees must adhere to these rules. Noncompliance can cost an employee their job.

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