Why Opt for BestCode Printers or Fluids from Their Licensed Distributers?

When it comes to BestCode distributors, they are a familiar name in the field of industrial printing and coding systems. Businesses across varied industries are reliant on BestCode’s highly-developed printing technology to print an array of information like product identifying marks, prices, ingredients, manufacturing dates, expiry dates and codes. This implies that the company has all-inclusive printing solutions to meet the diverse needs of both industries and consumers.

BestCode has an excellent product lineup such as the 8 series CIJ printers, printing fluids and related items.  Here are the reasons why you should purchase products only from the company’s certified distributors:

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

Reputed product manufacturers consider customer satisfaction as the key to the success of their business. They believe that loyal customers are their biggest assets.  That’s why BestCode has appointed a strong distributor network that facilitates consumers’ access to only genuine and best-quality products. It’s true that the present market is snowed under poor-quality and fake printing products and accessories. This is where the importance of buying from licensed distributors comes into play, providing consumers quality products and giving them the assurance that they are getting the right value for their money spent. This is particularly true for high-end industrial printers and coders that involve complex engineering. Whether you are shopping for BestCode’s continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers (with 11.4-inch screen) or printing fluids from a physical store or online portal, be rest assured that you are getting tested products sold via the company’s appointed distributors.

BestCode Distributors Sell Printers that Facilitate Quality, High-Speed Printing

Buying from authorized sellers has a host of benefits. For example, CIJ printers sold through BestCode’s distributors facilitate first-rate and speedy printing in any angle or direction. That’s why industry sectors rely on these printing systems that are ideal for small character printing on a variety of substrates such as paper, plastic, metal, glass, etc. Printing machines sold via authorized sellers come with embedded technologies such as touchscreen controls for smooth and seamless printing. These printers offer extreme versatility, whether you want to use a splash of color to print a logo or use miniscule texts on medicine bottles to print sell-by dates.

Certified and Factory-Trained Distributor Partners

BestCode believes in building healthy and long-term business relationships with their customers. That’s why they have built a wide-ranging partner network to reach out to their global clientele. This has helped the company to communicate with their customers before and after the sale. BestCode ensures that their chosen distributor partners are skilled and factory-trained to install, sell and offer the right technical support for its range of products. The shortlisted candidates are made to go through a meticulous theoretical and practical training to attain the BestCode certification. The training program is designed to make distributors aware about the technical intricacies of CIJ printers, coders and accessories. This is imperative to better understand product complexities, explain technical details in a layman’s language, resolve queries and offer exemplary after-sales services to their consumer base. Training facilities are available for both off-site and on-site locations and on a range of printing technologies to meet customers’ needs. The company-appointed distributors are also trained with respect to preventive maintenance processes and emergency repairs. This hands-on training permits distributor partners to sell BestCode printing solutions through brick-and-mortar as well as online stores.

Other Benefits That Licensed Dealers Provide to Customers          

The other benefits include smooth and simplified buying process with bare minimum documentation, consistent pricing, installation and product demonstration and opportunities to make the most out of BestCode’s promotional and discounted offers.

With a range of benefits in place, it’s prudent to buy printing products and fluids from a licensed BestCode distributor only. Before you begin shopping, look for authentic sellers near you to clinch the best deal.

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