Using Layby Services to Shop Online

Layby services focus on providing a wide variety of products to customers without the hassle of having to visit many different shops to find everything you need. You can purchase as many or as few items as you desire at once. If you are not ready to commit to a product you can add them to your wish list, though it is important to remember that these items may not always be available when it comes time to order, particularly if you plan on ordering during a busy season such as the holidays.

Items are carefully organized into a variety of categories for easy and convenient browsing. Shoppers can select a major overarching category such as fashion and beauty, then select from several minor categories such as bracelets, fashion, watches, personal care or fragrances. The Layby store also offers a search feature at the top of each page that allows visitors to search for specific items they are looking for rather than sifting through several pages of items to find what they need. Once you find the products you are interested in on the Layby Australia page, you can simply click the selection button to add it to your cart.

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Once you have selected an item you will be able to review your payment plan. This will be scheduled separately for each item you wish to purchase to ensure that you are able to pay things off with ease. You will be able to make monthly, fortnightly or weekly payments and will be able to select when you would like to start making these payments. Once you have made your selections the Layby services will calculate how much will be owed for the first instalment. Most items require a minimum payment around $3 for every payment period, though shoppers are welcome to pay their item off as quickly as they like.

Once payment details have been set with Layby services Australia you may fill out any additional details that will be associated with the order. This will include your email information so you can receive updates about your order and reminders regarding payments which need to be made. If you miss a payment or your payment schedule will be altered due to a business holiday this information will be sent via email. You may also use this checkout section to set up automatic payments to your credit or debit card if you do not wish to make them manually. Note that you will be liable if payments cannot go through for any reason.

When the payment period draws to an end you will be able to collect the item you ordered. Layby services will send a final email confirming the details you provided initially so ensure that the item will be delivered to the proper address. When the final payment is processed and these details have been confirmed, your item will be shipped. Items are typically delivered within 14 days of the final payment being processed. Shipping to customers in Australia is complimentary.

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