Types of Advrtising and Promotions

Personal Selling: This usually Involves personal connections between the company and the people who are purchasing (e.g. consumers, manager or company buyer). This type of Selling occurs either face to face or via telephonic converstaions. It is also available online via text chat or video conferencing.

Advantage: when it comes to personal selling, the biggest advantage is that the salesmen or company can modify or change the message or the pitch that they are using  to sell as they per the feedback they gain from consumers. If the consumer doesn’t understand anything or the original message, the salesperson has the option to respond differently so that to answer any of the questions or respond to concerns of their customer.

Disadvantage: In personal selling the biggest advantage can also work as the biggest disadvantage. Many people usually have bad experiences with the sales person who does not match the personality that may effect the customers the best. Some sales person could be aggressive or have an habit to be repetitive or annoying. Though you can try Orangelabel advertising to get the best results.

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Direct Marketing: This Involves sending direct Emails to the customer, Direct Email are usually cheaper than traditional type of advertising; you can easily modify the message, add or remove information and target your market in better way. Typically this type of advertising should be; creative, personal, informal and selectively directed.

Advantage: The best advantage to direct marketing is that it is quick and easy. A company can prepare a common mail for every customer in short term and send them. Direct mail marketing can be an effective way of testing the new products and prices. This will help in getting response from customers, along with maintaining the control over the offers that customers will receive.

Disadvantage: A biggest disadvantage to direct Email marketing is the term “Junk mail”. Usually a huge number of consumers feel annoyed by the constant Emails of direct marketing. By using direct Email marketing, the company will receive low amount of responses from the condumers.

Advertising: These are Non personal and mostly shown as paid promotions. These usually use mass media in order to deliver the message to the customers. This type of advertising includes Newspaper, TV,  Magazine, Internet, banners and Outdoor advertising (E.g. billboard, buses, posters, etc.)

Advantage: the biggest advantage of advertising is that it covers a large amount of population who are using or not using the product by doing this there is a huge increase in the customer traffic and This allows a company to quickly decide who will be their target market and what kind of product they have to deliver.

Disadvantage: Advertising for some consumers can be disturbing or omnipresent and thus the effectiveness may have less effect depending on the market of the company. If there is a huge competition already in the market using advertising as their promotion, the chances of ignoring the advertisement increases.

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