The Unbeatable Advantages of Traditional Marketing Techniques

In today’s world, online and social forms of marketing and advertising are taking over. Social media marketing and pay per click advertisements are usually fairly inexpensive, and they can offer immediate results. Many feel that this is the only place they should be expending their marketing dollars, but that’s a crucial mistake. Whether you run the marketing department of a large business or are running a small business out of your garage, there are certain ways in which traditional marketing absolutely trounces digital marketing techniques.

It’s common to hear that growth takes a lot of time when you’re talking to people who spend a lot of time doing digital marketing, but the truth is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Certain traditional advertising strategies can take you from having one or two clients a month, to being completely swamped with work. Although this kind of growth certainly happens on the internet, it’s generally a matter of chance rather than the skilled execution of a great strategy. What traditional marketing techniques are still working great and providing results quickly?

Brand Localization

When people land on a website, they have no idea who owns it, who writes the content, or where the company is located. Even if your name and address are at the top of the page, they realize that someone in a foreign country could easily have put the page together to gather their personal information. In short, anything that happens online is impersonal, and it’s certainly not local. How often do you hear politicians stressing their support for local businesses? In nearly every election, big or small, it’s a topic of conversation, and that’s because it matters to people, including your customers. People like and trust other people who share things in common with them. That’s just one reason that brand localization is so important. Using flyers, posters, and business cards tells your customers that you’re someone that they can trust. While leaving flyers in your neighbours doors might sound like an annoyance, the people who could really use your services will be happy that you found them, and that you did it in a personable way. Even if your flyers direct people to your website for more information, at least they know that you’re local.

Educational Events

The marketing world is constantly abuzz with people who are talking about new lead generation strategies. There are hundreds of hyper-specific lead generation strategies that you can perform online, but none of them is as simple to implement as a local educational event. What exactly is an educational event and how can you use one to generate leads for your business?

The educational topic of your event will obviously need to be tailored to your specific market, but it should be used primarily to educate other businesses or individuals about a topic in which you are an expert. If, for example, you are a business accountant, you could host an educational event about common mistakes that small business people are making, and how fixing those mistakes can save them money. Invite small business owners in your area to this event and offer to teach them about this topic without asking for anything in return. Of course, hosting such an event can mean that you’ll need to put out a bit of money up front for the event space and perhaps some coffee and donuts, but it will also help you generate countless leads. Any of these business owners could go to a search engine and look for accounting tips, but having you right there in front of them gives them confidence that you know what you’re doing.

Not only is this strategy likely to generate a number of leads for new clients, but it will also establish you as a local authority in your market. Over time, these events will pay off in other ways such as in the form of referral business and word of mouth. Even if none of these people become your clients on day one, the experience is going to be far more memorable than their latest web search.

In addition to hosting events like these, you should also spend some time looking for other events that you can attend. These events are valuable learning tools, but also provide excellent networking opportunities for you and your business. When hosting and attending these events, there’s one item you should never be without, and that’s your business card.

Business Cards

These days, people often put their personal and professional contact details on certain social networking sites, and hope that clients will come to them. If you’re serious about getting local business, you can’t do it without a high-quality business card. When you go to one of these events hoping to create relationships, and you neglect to bring a business card, you may be sending the message that you’re not serious about networking. If you don’t bring a business card, you’re making it the job of everyone you meet to remember your contact details or to remember to contact you. Even if you succeed in getting your name and phone number on their cell phone, they still have to remember to contact you, and they still have to remember your name in order to find you in their phonebook. You don’t have to miss this opportunity, though, as you can have a fantastic business card printed by Brunel One.

Promotional Materials

People can always use an extra pen, mug, and a t-shirt, so use the opportunity to get your name out there. Putting your logo and motto on a promotional product is a fantastic branding opportunity for your local business. Although flyers are certainly an effective marketing strategy, they’re often thrown out after just a few moments. Even if the recipient decides to hire you, they may soon forget you. Promotional products that are actually useful to people, however, provide a powerful branding opportunity as many of these people will end up seeing your logo day after day. Even if they don’t hire you right away, when they need the product or service you offer, you’ll probably be the first business they remember.

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