The Advantages of Unlocked Phones

Smartphones have captured society in a very compelling way. In the 21st-century, it is difficult for many to imagine doing business and conducting a social life without their smartphones. Many use them to talk and text, and also to search the Internet, chat with friends, and keep track of different appointments. The smartphone serves as a computer you can carry around in your pocket. However, not every phone is as versatile as others. Some phones are “locked,” which means they have reduced functionality.

Locked phones are phones that are bound to one network or phone carrier. They can only be used with one kind of SIM card and one GSM network, which binds you to a phone service carrier for the life of your phone or contract. Why should you not have complete control of something you buy? If you buy it, it should yours, and you should be able to do with it as you please.

Unlocked Phones

Wider Selection

Unlocked phones are not bound to a certain GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), meaning that you have more phones to choose from. With locked phones, you can only buy the units that certain carriers provide. Any unlocked smartphones in Australia will work with any of the country’s carriers, so you can select from a wide variety of devices to suit your needs.

Easier to Replace

With an unlocked phone, you do not have to wait for your carrier to transfer service or ship you a new phone. If you are out of the country or just out of patience, you can simply swap your SIM card into a new phone. You do not have to wait for a contract to expire or one of the pre-approved upgrades. This way, you can keep your phone number and everything saved to your SIM card without having to go through your carrier.


When you are traveling abroad, you will likely encounter an area that is not covered by your normal service provider. Typically, you would have to “roam” on the network of another carrier, which typically involves very expensive roaming fees. With an unlocked phone, you can avoid these fees; you simply need to buy a SIM card from a local carrier and place it in your existing unlocked phone. That way, you do not have to buy a whole new phone. Also, you will have a local number while you are in a certain area, which can provide certain advantages depending on the different service plans of the carriers.


You should be aware that certain carriers attempt to limit the functionality of unlocked phones, because they want customers to buy their GSM service as well as their hardware. This is not to say you should not enjoy the freedom of an unlocked phone; you should just be aware of the need to shop around before committing to a plan.

Also, you should be aware that unlocked phones might appear to be more expensive. In truth, they are not; they simply do not come with the expensive contracts. Locked phones are often sold for far below retail price because they involve expensive two-year contracts. Without the contracts, the phones sell for the retail price.

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