Popularity of Self Balancing Scooters Started by Celebrities

Self balancing scooters are often labeled as the new ride of the modern generation. Although named as scooters, a self balancing scooter is far from the electric types. This is proved not just with how high tech it looks, but also of the experience in riding in one, which is claimed by many to be different when riding a regular scooter. It also comes in two types which are the one-wheeled type and the double-wheeled.

Self Balancing Scooters

Regardless, when you look back in the history of self balancing scooter, you will see that the Chic Robotics is the first ever company to unveil such technology. It happened in August 2014, making such technology at just its starting phase. Yet, it has already created so much popularity among the public. The World Wide Web significantly helped in heightening that popularity. Celebrities posting videos of them showing riding a self balancing scooter just further boosted the technology’s online presence.

Looking back, it was Kendall Jenner, a fashion model, who can be considered to have started it all. She posted a video showing herself riding her own hoverboard. Then there’s Justin Bieber who posted a video showing him, riding and spinning on a circle on his Hyperwalk scooter. On the next day, a new video was uploaded by Chris Brown where he was dancing while riding his scooter.

From there, it is seen how celebrities played an important role in increasing the popularity of this new technology. But apart from that, their posted videos served as instrument that there are a lot of possible ways in which one can enjoy riding on this modern scooter.

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