Outsourced Telephone Answering for Best Results

By now, most people running small to medium-sized businesses realize the importance of outsourcing tasks. Enterprises have been doing it for three or more decades. They have been able to cut their costs while improving their services thanks to this tactic. Now smaller organisations are learning the same principles apply to them. Jobs that are repetitive and not imperative for your workers to do can be cheaply and effectively farmed out to specialist providers. One good example of an area that is particularly useful to outsource is telephone answering.

Telephone Answering

Discover the Benefits of Call Handling

There’s no question that professional call handling is important for a company. There have been numerous studies done that have researched the impact of direct phone calls. What these studies determined was that a full 80% of people who called a business and did not have their call answered hung up and called someone else. They did not call back or leave a message. What a business owner learns from this is simple, your phone must be answered by a human who can respond to potential customer queries or you may lose business. A voice-mail system will not be enough. It’s also fair to say that poor handling is just as damaging as missed calls. When people feel like they did not get a professional response, they are very likely to move on. Companies like message-direct.co.uk solve this problem instantly.

Have Calls Answered 24-Hours Daily

The way to fix this issue for any company is to outsource call handling completely. Many vendors exist who will answer your calls for you 24 hours a day every day of the year. There’s no longer a reason to miss any calls, during regular business hours or after. They have plans available that are suitable whether you’re a brand new business or a successful one. Successful businesses can employ “overflow call handling.” This means any calls that their staff cannot handle are picked up by the answering service. This results in extra sales and more profit for the organization. For start-ups, they are not going to have the time to handle calls and the chances the staff is professional on the phone could be limited. If they outsource the task, they’ll be able to focus on their main job. That’s what’s going to make them a successful firm anyway. One-man operations are the ones that always need this type of service. Take the example of a massage therapist. This professional handles a call and then works with the client. The next customer who calls can’t get through because she’s doing a massage at the time. That customer decides to keep calling other places and business is lost. Even worse, she answers the call during the first client’s massage! It interrupts the massage and makes that customer unhappy. A better bet is to have the call handled professionally, and the appointment set without intervention. The therapist can spend her time actually doing massages and she can leave the call handling up to another firm for a reasonable fee.

Let Professionals Handle the Job

The team you’ll employ is well trained in the art of handling calls. They do inbound call handling exclusively, so they know how to deal with customers in a way they enjoy. When client calls come in, and they’re routed to the response team, those team members have been given clear instructions on what to say. They won’t make any mistakes that could hurt your relationship with the customer. They are trained, and they also are monitored. The messages they receive can be sent along by email (or even fax or text if needed) immediately. The designated contact at your company can then handle the call as necessary. This frees up your staff to do other work whilst giving the prospects the type of service they expect. There’s no good reason to focus on handling phone calls when you can make more money doing something else. Your company is not in the phone handling business, after all. Hire someone who is to do the work. This way you say goodbye to missed calls and poorly handled calls forever. This part of your business operation is handled effectively, and you don’t have to spend time training employees or monitoring their performance. The fees are affordable, and the service can always be scaled depending on your needs. The company can even handle outbound calling for you if needed.

Enjoy Your Benefits

The benefits of using an outsourced service to handle your calls outweigh the cost. From a service standpoint, there’s little difference. Your customers will be extremely happy with the service they get. Prospects will be glad that their call was connected instantly and that their queries were handled in a professional manner. They’ll be extremely likely to want to do business with your company. In the event that scheduling is needed, a callback may be in order. Either way, the customer won’t know that a third party is doing the work for you. They’ll just assume that your company is working hard to satisfy customers. Once you get into the habit of using third parties, you’ll probably continue to outsource other aspects of your business. Most people these days are doing that because of the low cost and benefits. If you ever need a specific outbound campaign, you can order one of those too.

You may want to have all your contact called to update your database. Some of your customers probably haven’t visited in years. You could have the service contact them to find out where they stand. That’s a simple process that is used by many organizations that have dormant accounts. If the contact information is erroneous, it can be cleaned out of your database. That is a timesaving and money-saving move that will make your marketing more effective. Plus, some of the people who are contacted probably haven’t thought of you for a while and will be interested to come back in after the call. That’s good business for anyone.

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