Menu Boards Are the Smart Choice for Upscale Eateries

Menu Boards can be combined with wine lists to enhance the looks of upscale menus. Menus should be planned and formatted so the fonts for the printing are easy to decipher and read. They should be formatted online so they are navigable as well.

After all, it does you much good to buy menu boards by Smart UK or other companies and provide restaurant patrons with a poorly formatted menu and meal offerings. Therefore, it takes a good deal of effort and time on a restaurateur’s part to make sure that the menu not only works with respect to expense and pricing but that it can accommodate the needs and goals of his chef and wait staff too.

Menu Boards

How to Keep Both the Customers and Restaurant Staff Happy

You really do not want to include food items on a menu that will bog you down when it comes to customer service. That means adding entrées and cuisine that takes a good deal of time to prepare and cook. Instead, make sure your menu is comprised of foods that take little time to prepare and send out to the dining room. Making up a menu that follows these standards is imperative if you want to keep both your customers and restaurant staff happy.

Plan Ahead

Listed menu items should be ultra-simple to prepare: either they should be prepared on the spot next to the diner’s table or prepared ahead of time. Therefore, you should include food items that can be grilled or sautéed or items that only need reheating. Choose such specialities as cooked pasta, prime rib or lasagne. Many Italian dishes can be prepared ahead as well as Mexican entrees. When it comes to grilling, burgers are a popular speciality.

Create a Simple Menu Design

Again, the fonts used for printing should not cause your customer to squint or scratch his head in annoyance. The lettering should be clear and distinct on the menu – big enough for a far-sighted senior to read without the aid of reading glasses. Keep the menu design simple and avoid the use of excessive culinary jargon. If necessary, contact a professional who specialises in designing menus full-time.

When selecting a menu board or cover, you will also note that you need a menu that is manageable and reasonably sized to review. You don’t want too big of selection of cuisine either, lest you find yourself throwing a lot of food aside at the end of an evening. Consider just how much your restaurant’s kitchen can handle production-wise. Do you have enough grilling stations or prep areas to handle the sautéed dishes, soups, salads and baked goods you will be serving?

You will have to consider updates to the menu too. No menu can be set in stone or in laminate. After all, you need to keep track of costs and you cannot expect to prosper if you cannot make revisions to the menu or food listings from time to time. You need to make sure you are spending a reasonable amount on costs and that any menu items are removed that are not selling for you.

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