I Quit – Dreams of Shipping Your Life Overseas

We all dream about it – quitting our jobs. The day we can come into the office and proudly say “I quit”. There may be some other choice words for some people and still others will simply bask in the fact that they have quit and are on their way to something more fulfilling and rewarding. You may not have won the lottery, but this may be better overall.

A common fantasy is to quit the office job and set out to an exotic location to fulfil the dream of doing something one is passionate about. There is a never ending list of exotic places, but none quite like South Africa.

South Africa awaits and has much to offer. The culture and cuisine are inviting, but so too is the fashion and numerous activities. There are no dull moments in this country.

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Self Defeat

You’ve beaten yourself up for the last time. Now is the time to do the opposite of the negative mantra you’ve created in your head. You are the best. You can accomplish great things. You will move forward. Moving to South Africa to work is a good remedy to start creating more positive thoughts and removing the old baggage way of thinking.

New Perspective

This newfound insight will have you wondering why you did not make the change sooner. The decision to leave your job and go to a place you have never lived before can open your eyes and your frame of mind. Your approach to living will be completely different than what you are used to be, which makes the brainwaves dance with excitement, because you will have to think about living more.

You move yourself from your past life of self defeat and sameness and replace it with a more motivated person who is willing to learn and will thrive in another environment. Learn more about the world and yourself and enjoy living in new surroundings.

It’s Another Country!

One can’t help but get out and explore because you need to know where to buy food or get some coffee. These needs force you to learn new places and perhaps meet new people along the way. South Africa is rich with a history unlike any other place. There is much to be explored. Have you ever ridden an ostrich? Have you ever dived with great white sharks, swam with penguins or rode on a luxury train? In South Africa you can do this and more. Imagine your story of being close to white sharks or, for the not so adventurous, simply walking along the coast is exploration enough.

Get Started

Ready to leave? The first step is to set your goals and what you are looking for in a job. Once you have said yes to your new plan and go about applying for jobs, don’t forget to obtain a work permit South Africa. The process of applying for a work permit should start before you buy your ticket. Get ready for an adventure like no other. You will be pleased with yourself and your new outlook on life and living.

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