How Help Desk Outsourcing Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

There are many reasons to consider outsourcing help desk services. Many businesses think they must keep their help desk services in-house, but that is not true. In fact, doing so, or attempting to do so, can keep a business from growing into its full potential. Outsourcing can help take a business to the next level.

The Dangers of In-House Help Desk Services

Having in-house help desk services is a good idea for some businesses, but not all of them. Keep in mind the business will have to find, hire, and pay talent to handle help desk support functions.

  • The more technology the business employs, the more knowledgeable the hire has to be.
  • The more knowledgeable the employee, the more the business will have to pay them.
  • The more employees, the more help desk support needed.

Help Desk

Costs for these things can spiral out of control. One way around that is to use IT personnel to handle help desk duties. However, doing that can limit the IT person’s ability to handle the duties they need to concentrate on for the business.

If the business requires 24/7 service, then the business must hire 24/7 personnel. All the funds dedicated to these in-house services represent funds that are not going into the business itself. In these ways, hiring in-house can definitely hold a business back.

Why Outsourcing Help Desk Services Can Help You Focus on Business

There are many benefits to outsourcing help desk services. Outsourcing eliminates all of the problems and expenditures previously mentioned.  Even taken point by point, it is easy to see where the advantages of outsourcing really are.

  • Knowledgeable talent is already there and ready to go
  • Costs do not include procurement, hourly wages, benefits, etc.
  • Help desk outsourcing is highly scalable

Outsourcing provides an on-demand service. That means a business will not have to pay an employee during their downtime or days off.

Beyond the savings

While saving money can help a lot with managing ongoing costs, there are benefits to outsourcing that go beyond that. A help desk service is more than just the knowledge of the person delivering the service. It is also the equipment and software needed to effectively troubleshoot and fix problems in a timely fashion.

There are also benefits in regards to convenience. For example, if an issue occurs during off-peak hours, there are a series of steps required to receive help. Unfortunately, when time is of the essence, those steps can create a disastrous scenario.

Contact help desk or submit a ticket – If the in-house support is not 24/7, it is possible that any unforeseen problems will not even come until the start of the next business day. If it’s the weekend, then the issue can wait even longer.

If the support is on-call, then the problem will have to wait for someone to wake up, answer the call, and then prepare to troubleshoot. In both of these cases, taking too long can become a larger, more expensive issue.

With outsourced solutions, help is available immediately, no matter what time of day or night. In addition, that help is not limited to Level 1 support. It is just as easy to help someone with a PC issue as it is to help someone with transport layer issue.

Because of these reasons and more, help desk outsourcing is a tool that many businesses can use to their advantage. Choosing to outsource is not just a smart move, it is a move that can help a business focus its efforts, and grow.

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