Growing your Business: The Mystery Behind Customer Service

Customer service has the power to make or break a business, from the smallest of start-ups to the biggest of enterprises. “The customer is always right” is a very popular slogan still used to this day because of the underlying truth behind it—that clients are the lifeblood of any business.

So why is customer service so vital anyway? Here are some reasons why good service is good business:

Growing your Business

Quality of service is what the customers remember

Your customers usually remember you either for your satisfying or terrible service, and you definitely do not want people remembering you for the latter.

First impressions last forever.” This holds true even in your commercial ventures. Why? Because people judge you the moment they see you, be it intentionally or not. Remember that excellent service starts right from your introductory greetings, so ensure you make a good scene. Put charismatic and mood-lifting representatives at the front lines to give customers a positive ambience the moment they walk into your establishment. Remember that your clients are actively interacting and getting to know your company through your representatives, so if those people give off a bad vibe, that will reflect on your company and your products.

A good impression goes a long way

When a person is happy, she tends to share the joy with other people. The same holds true when customers are satisfied with your service; they are most likely going to talk about the experience to their friends, family, and even friends of friends. A delighted client goes a long way because once satisfied, she tends to become a star spokesperson for your company, which in return brings in more prospects for you to impress.

It makes the buyers feel special

People like feeling special and important so make sure to treat each of your consumers as though they are part of a royal family. Heed their needs and guide them every step of the way. Be approachable and always wear a smile to make your clients feel as comfortable with you as possible. Make them feel good about themselves and your company, and you can be guaranteed that they’d be back for more.

So, how about taking your service to another level?

What are your options when it comes to improving your company’s customer service?

First know what you are dealing with and what to fix and improve. One way to do so is hiring a trustworthy and high-quality company that offers customer experience improvement solutions such as the use of mystery shoppers.

But what are mystery shoppers?

First of all, mystery shopping or secret shopping is a method originally from the 1940s that was used by businesses to improve customer service by getting to know what needs improvement in the eyes of their clients. Mystery shoppers are company-hired people in disguise who enter a store, interact with the employees, ask about the products, and assess the rapport building of the staff.

Most large-scale businesses hire companies that offer mystery shopping services to evaluate the quality of service in their stores by gathering detailed information through the shopper’s experiences. Since every mystery shopping experience is different, there are flexible and unique programs out there tailored to fit various corporate needs. If you too decide to take advantage of mystery shopping for your business, here are just some benefits you can enjoy:

  • Getting genuine feedback. See how your business appeals to your target market since mystery shoppers usually represent your typical buyers. Find out better ways to impress and draw in more clients by knowing their needs and expectations of your trade. Get unbiased comments about the services your staff renders that you, as a manager, cannot personally see.

Mystery shoppers can also evaluate commercial aspects of retail stores such as your product’s price range, quality, availability and even your store maintenance or cleanliness.

  • Keeping your staff honest. Since your staff knows that you conduct regular checks through mystery clients, they would surely keep in mind not to risk the idea of getting caught lying or slacking off. You can also weed out any vulnerability and know the weaknesses of your employees in order to help them improve and serve your consumers better.
  • Knowing the popular opinion of your guests. If, for example, you have a hotel business, how do you know the guests’ level of satisfaction when mostly only the clients that fill up the comment cards are either those who had a truly satisfying stay or those who had a terrible stay? That only accounts for up to 2% of your consumers. With mystery shopping, you can get to know the opinion of the remaining 98% with their unbiased look at your service at any given time.
  • Checking your competitor. Have your mystery shopper go around and check surrounding competition. Get to know what you can do to get your own edge and win over your target consumers. Learn from not only your own mistakes, but from others.
  • Establishing a brand. Through the use of secret shoppers, you would be able to know where you and your workers are lacking. Because of that, you can now hold appropriate training workshops to get the best out of your employees. With great staff, get yourself known as being the best in customer service. If you are known for good and honest workers, you become a known credible and popular business.
  • Setting performance checks and working on solutions. Since now you know all the areas in your business that need improvement, go out and fix up your venture. Conduct training for your employees to make them more knowledgeable and fit for building rapport and entertaining clients. Check out the weaknesses of each employee and give them advice on how to deal with different kinds of people.

All in all, with the help of mystery shopping services, your business will be able to work on results and strategic improvements for your customers’ experience.

In the end, you get better service and strategies that will surely increase sales and improve your bottom line. Now that is the secret to successfully growing your business.

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