Four Small Marketing Changes That Leave A Big Impact

As the technology world continues to grow and offer resources to its expanding clientele, small business owners have impressive marketing capabilities literally at their fingertips. By using the Internet, small businesses can optimize their brand through creative online channels.


 Here are four ways:

 1. Social Media Plug-ins

Social media has become one of the number one ways for businesses to reach their customers, expand their markets, and get their name out to the world. In order to use social media effectively, it is imperative businesses start by creating a Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram feed, and Linked-In profile.

 As the major four competitors for social media branding, small businesses will enhance their marketing by focusing on these four players first. Through the use of various plug-ins, it is easy for customers to connect online with your company via your website.

 Lastly, include a link to your social media accounts on the bottoms of the signature file in your e-mail messages. This way, the word about your business is easily spread every time you hit the Send button. According to CEO of Mobile Previews LLC, Stacy Kelly, “I use Twitter religious to promote my company and my clients. I also link to it to help build up my list of followers. The cost is nothing but a little thought power.”

2. Advertise

The old mantra “you have to spend money to make money” is relatively true. While social media is typically free, there are other avenues of marketing that require money, yet offer a huge return investment.

 Spending money to advertise the name of your company generally yields big results. While the initial cost might be hard to swallow, it will pay back with a large reward. When looking for whom to advertise with, choose areas that focus on a demographic of people who would be interested in your product. If your company is media related, look into advertising with DIRECT TV. If your company is beach related, look into advertising with a surf company.

 3. Website Overhaul

Ask family and friends to check out your website and provide feedback to you about what they do and do not like, what is user-friendly, and what is confusing. Since most people come into a website through the back door of blog posts, be sure your website is easy to navigate.

 With most people accessing websites through their phones and tablets, be sure it’s intuitive as a mobile site.

 4. Build An Online Community

Work with other companies and websites by offering informative comments on their posts and promoting their site on your social media sites in order to begin building online relationships.

 Once you have formed online contacts, you not only have business friends to market with, but you have a built-in team to swap email contact lists with. Find companies that complement your company and work with them on a joint marketing campaign. It will cut marketing costs in half while expanding your cliental by double.

 Use the expanding online community to promote your business effectively with minimal expense.

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