Easy Conference Room Scheduling With Pronestor

Schools, companies, museums and other large buildings all have conference rooms that they need to manage.  Scheduling time in a conference room the traditional way can be troublesome and create confusion if the person responsible for scheduling is busy or out of the office.  The solution?  Adopting a conference room scheduling software such as Pronestor.  How does conference room scheduling software benefit your organization?

First off, when you switch to a conference room management software you create a database of reservations that users can go and check.  You don’t have to call Jane from admin anymore to see if a conference room is busy.  It will also prevent those embarrassing moments when two different people think they had the conference room scheduled because of a clerical error or a lack of coffee.

Conference room scheduling technology also enables you to install electronic signs at the entrance to every conference room that will allow employees and visitors to see what group has reserved the conference room.  This makes it extremely easy for people who have never been to your facility to make sure they are in the right place.  These screens are also interactive so that people can check on future reservations right from the door of the conference room or even reserve a day or days.

For those that don’t want to go to the conference room to check on the status of the room they can use the website or the app to check on the status of the conference room.  You can even install terminals in the lobby of your building to allow users to reserve your conference room.  No matter where you are with conference room scheduling software you will be able to review or make changes to your conference room scheduling.


Many organizations have catering services for conferences or meetings, with conference scheduling software you never need to worry about calling yet another number for scheduling catering or your catering never getting scheduled.  When booking your room through Pronestor you can schedule your catering at the same time.  When you do this it sends a booking notice to the catering team so that they will be ready for your event.  This not only saves time but will reduce waste because you can input into the system how many people you are expecting.

All of this sounds nice but how will you remember which rooms you have scheduled when?  Pronestor and many other conference scheduling packages link with Outlook calendar (the biggest corporate email client).  When you book a room it will be added to your calendar but you can also view what rooms are reserved and by who through your Outlook calendar.  What makes the syncing even better between the two calendar programs (Pronestor and Outlook) is that you can book conference rooms directly from your Outlook account without having to go to a special website or program if you so choose.

Pronestor and other software suites make it really easy for companies to track who is using their facilities and when.  The software allows administrators to print lists of who is using the facilities and when.  Pronestor can even be used to control access to meetings and to the meeting internet connections.  Pronestor’s visitor software also makes it extremely easy for receptionists to know who is coming to the facility and where to send them.  Receptionists can view a report of who is attending what conference and what conference room they will be visiting.

Major companies and organizations have switched to using Pronestor, the leading room scheduling software on the market.  Some of the biggest companies that use Pronestor are Pfizer, Carnegie, and Yarra Valley Water.  Pronestor serves the United States and Europe by tailoring solutions to company’s needs.

Conference room scheduling software allows you to simplify your business and save you money.  You will no longer need an employee whose soul job is managing the scheduling of various rooms.  Instead, that employee can take on other duties.  Your employees and users will also be happy because the reservation system will be simple and quick with very little room for errors.  With Pronestor Room your conference room management is unstoppable.

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