Do’s and Don’ts at a Corporate Halloween Party

Throwing an office party isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Halloween can be difficult to plan, especially when budgets are involved. Working with a limited budget is one of the top reasons offices forgo a party and provide alternatives, such as pizza in the break room. Even if you are not throwing an official party, there are many ways to encourage the Halloween spirit in the office.

Corporate Halloween Party

Encourage Comfortable Costumes

Wearing a costume all day on Halloween can be a treat no matter how old you are. It lifts the mood and helps keep employees engaged. Even those working to meet a deadline will feel encouraged to be productive and then have fun.

Being comfortable is also important when it comes to costumes. Most employees will know to use discretion when choosing their costume, but you should post and go over office rules beforehand. Everyone may be uncomfortable if someone shows up in an overly revealing or gruesome costume.

If an employee shows up to work dressed inappropriately, take them aside to talk to them. Make sure that they are not called out in public. Most employees will have no issues with changing in order to keep everyone in the office comfortable.

Treat Halloween like a Holiday

While very few companies offer holiday pay on Halloween, it doesn’t mean the day shouldn’t be treated like a fun holiday. Work still needs to get done, but find small ways to improve the day. Play music in the break room or hang decorations. Small changes can have a huge impact on the way people see work. If possible, consider letting your employees leave early. This will show them you really appreciate their hard work on the holiday, even if you are not paying them extra or hosting a party.

After-Hours Celebrations

If you are going to throw a Halloween office party, make sure that it is after hours. No one wants to be the person sitting at their desk while everyone else is having a good time. Employees should look forward to a party and want the opportunity to attend.

For offices that are open 24 hours a day, try having an extended party. Allow people to celebrate for several hours, rather than just a few. That way, employees can attend the party before or after work. No one will feel left out.

Consider Providing Alcohol and Food

While not every office party will call for alcohol, many employees appreciate a nice drink after a hard day’s work. Light alcohol such as beer or wine can be limited and many employees will avoid more than one drink. As long as the setting is appropriate, alcohol can be a great way to lift everyone’s mood.

Food is a necessity when it comes to a Halloween party. Most offices will prefer to hire a caterer so that they do not need to worry about preparing food. This can, however, get quite costly for large offices. As an alternative, organize a potluck and have the office provide the entrees, snacks or drinks. You’ll be surprised by how much coworkers will want to pitch in!

Don’t Limit Yourself to the Office

Not every office party needs to take place in the building. Extending an open invitation to join the office at a local bar or restaurant can be a great way to show your willingness to celebrate without committing to the expenses!

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