Don’t Want to Move? Here’s Why an Associate College Is Right for You

You’re sitting on your sofa staring at your laptop, endless University tabs open in front of you. There are so many different colleges around the UK that you want to earn your degree from, but none of them is right where you want to be! You stretch your legs and look at the person sitting to your right. If you move, you’d have to do a long-distance relationship. Not to mention the fact that you’d miss out on all of the fun nights with your mates, who are all staying in the city! Of course, you can always take the train over on weekends and holidays – but it’s not the same as being able to call them up for a night whenever you feel like it.

If this is the case, an associate college campus is probably the best choice for you. An associate college campus is an “out-of-town” campus that’s part of a larger college based elsewhere. For example, West London College is a campus of Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. While it’s an independent higher education institution, the degree you receive is the same and has the same requirements – as a Heriot-Watt degree.

This is an example of why associate campuses are great colleges for your situation. You won’t have to leave the city you want to stay in because you’ll be able to attend school there, but you’ll receive a degree that’s from your ideal school. Your graduation ceremony will even be the same as all other students on the main campus because that’s where it will be held! You won’t be seen as secondary – just as based in a different location. Your degree will be treated by employers as if you had attended the college on the main campus.


New Reputable Degree, Same Exciting City

This is especially great for students who are looking to do their Master’s degrees, but have already established friends, loved ones and maybe even family while working on their bachelor’s degrees. Uprooting from so many connections can be stressful, especially when you consider the fact that you won’t just be homesick, missing all of the people who are most important to you. You’ll also be in a new, unfamiliar city in a different UK country while attending a different school. Attending an associate college in the city you already know and love eliminates many of these frustrating stressors that can disrupt your normal routine and help you stay focused on what you really matters – your studies. What’s more is that while receiving all of these benefits, you’ll also be able to add credibility to your curriculum vitae! You’ll be able to eliminate the conundrum of receiving both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the same institution simply because you want to stay in the same city, because you’ll be receiving your second degree from a different institution based in a different country!

It’s also important for first-time University students as well. Attending the next level of school can be nerve-wracking as it comes with an entirely new community, a new way of life, and increased difficulty in your studies and what is expected of you at this new, fresh stage in your life. Attending an associate college for your bachelor’s degree will give you the opportunity to adjust to the new situation, allowing you to focus on school. After all, many of the obstacles in the way of new students’ success are the distractions and stress that come with being in a new city or a new country, struggling to meet new friends to boot. Staying in your home city but still attending a new school eliminates some of those factors, making the transition much smoother and far more comfortable for you.

Of course, many people worry that associate institutions don’t receive the same focus or concern from the university administration that the main campus receives. That’s not actually true. As established, reputable institutions with a highly diverse range of students, university administrations care about every single student equally. This can be seen the exciting, entertaining student life that is available at associate colleges, for both bachelor’s and master’s students. You’ll have the opportunity to bring your love and your favourite mates to parties, fashion shows, discos, and boat trips! Some of the parties you’ll have the chance to attend are even legendary, unique to the associate college that you choose to attend. You’ll even have just as many student amenities to take advantage of, such as a college restaurant, common areas, and vibrant fitness facilities! There will even be a variety of activities you can do, such as playing football or cricket on a team, learning Kung Fu, or taking dance and aerobics classes! Some associate colleges even have a variety of cinema outings and religious groups.

New Legendary Activities, Same Best Mates

Your enjoyment of these opportunities will be enhanced, too. Instead of half-heartedly attending a party or dealing with all of the drama and stress that comes with leaving your best mates, your love and your family in a different country while trying to enjoy a disco, the people who matter most will be right beside you the whole time. What’s even better is that in addition to having your usual support group, you’ll have the opportunity to add to it, meeting new people in your classes and in clubs.

There are endless exciting benefits to attending an associate college in the city you love. Don’t worry about how you’re going to navigate the change. Give yourself the opportunity to relax, eliminating any extra stress and frustration you might have outside of your studies otherwise. You won’t feel like you’re being torn into two pieces because you’ll have the best of both worlds, attending the college you love while staying in your ideal city. You spend so many years of your life at school – why not make them some of the best years of your life?

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