Bringing Three Dimensional Products to the Forefront of Today’s Innovations

Many people are just beginning to hear about the world of three-dimensional printers. The types available to the general public are enticing and a window into a futuristic world of innovation and wonder. Within the commercial sector, the medical, entertainment and automotive industries have been introducing, adapting and working with this technology for some time, even decades. A leader has emerged and with this leadership a standard has been set that has produced some of the industry’s most innovative and exciting products in the field.

Rapid Prototyping

Diversity in Processing to Suit Multiple Applications

Selecting the materials you will need to bring your project alive and with a level of functioning to suit the project’s anticipated outcome requires the experience of the experts. Working with one of the top 3D Printing Companies in the UK, you will see the diverse materials that are available that will bring your project’s specification in line with perfection.

Working with Polyjet technology, you will create prototypes that are realistic and complex. Utilizing these items that closely resemble what your finished product will be can be an invaluable tool in fine tuning your project. Print specifications as fine as 16 microns will result in a smooth surface, and the process supports complex geometries. The options available are broad including rigid or rubber materials, an opaque or transparent view and several colour options as well.

From a manufacturing perspective, FDM Technology is a popular solution that is perfect for rapid manufacturing utilizing engineering grade materials. Another bonus is the ability to build large parts with strong and stable plastics. When your prototype needs to survive a harsh environment or rigorous testing, working with FDM is the perfect solution.

Projects that require the finest of detail and the highest resolution will require DLP processing. DLP, also known as Direct Light Projection, brings projects such as dental applications, electronics, toys, animation and bio fabrication to your design capabilities. You can rely on the superior high definition rendering of products that utilize this process.

You might want to consider the precision of LS processing, also known as selective laser sintering, as a production choice for designs that have internal voids that are difficult to reach. This powder, which is highly precise, is a perfect solution for many industrial projects such as vents, ducts, radio controlled cars and planes and even mountain bike accessories. The material most utilized here is nylon, but there is also a carbon fibre reinforced material that offers supreme strength and stiffness to weight ratios that supersede all other three-dimensional printed plastics.

Find All Your Solutions in One Place

As this diverse, game-changing technology advances, there are no limits that have been found. Working its innovation into a myriad of industries, this technology is changing the way we manufacture and design the products of today and tomorrow. Expand your production efficiency and broaden your design horizons with the latest advances in this field.  If you are looking for a Rapid Prototyping company click here.

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