Brief History of Marketing

Marketing in now a day is part and parcel of any business. In this age of competition no business can grow without designing marketing strategy many it is hard to believe, however when in comparison to financial aspects, production and procedures, accounting along with other business areas, marketing is really a relatively youthful discipline getting emerged in early 1900s. Just before this time around most problems that are now generally connected with marketing were either assumed to fall within fundamental concepts of financial aspects (e.g., cost setting was seen like a simple supply/demand problem), advertising (well-toned by 1900), or generally, simply not investigated (e.g., customer purchase behavior, need for distribution partners).


Brought by marketing students from the 3 major colleges, the introduction of marketing was mainly motivated by the necessity to dissect in depth associations and actions that been around between retailers and purchasers. Particularly, studies regarding marketing brought retailers to acknowledge that implementing certain methods and tactics could considerably help the seller/buyer relationship. Within the past of promoting (prior to the nineteen fifties) this frequently meant determining methods and tactics for simply selling more items and services with little regard for which clients wanted. Frequently this meant companies accepted a “sell-as-much-as-we-can” philosophy with little concern for building associations for that long-term.

But beginning within the nineteen fifties, companies started to determine the old methods for selling were putting on thin with clients. As competition increased firmer across most industries, organizations looked towards the buyer side from the transaction for methods to enhance. The things they found were a growing philosophy recommending the main factor in effective marketing is knowing the requirements of clients. This now famous Marketing Concept indicates marketing choices should flow from learning the client and what they need. Only then should a company initiate the entire process of developing and marketing items and services.

The marketing concept remains at the bottom on most marketing efforts, although the concept comes with its very own problems (e.g., doesn’t help much with marketing technology) attorney at law being past the scope of the tutorial. But overall, entrepreneurs have discovered they are able to no more limit their marketing effort to simply getting clients to buy more. They have to come with an in-depth knowledge of who their clients are and what they need.

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