Basic Shipping Information for Exporting Goods from Australia

If you are in the business of exporting and importing goods from around the world, then you should be aware of how to get your cargo through customs in the countries where you do business. Knowing the basics of how to package your products to help them through the loading port and destination port will help track your products and minimize your losses.

Packaging Your Products

Although the company you hire to ship your cargo will help you clear customs in any country where you have customers, it is a good idea to know how to package your products to make their job easier. The products you are exporting should be marked correctly at your factory to meet the regulations of the country of origin. There is specific information that is required to be printed on the outside of each carton to help track shipments.

Required Information

When you are shipping goods from Australia to any other country, there is certain information that needs to be printed on the cartons that helps both the shipping company and customs identify what is in them. The information usually printed on the cartons is:

  • Name of the purchaser and/or their logo.
  • Product reference and/or order numbers.
  • Net and gross weights of one carton.
  • Dimensions of one carton.
  • Number of cartons, written as 1/500, 2/500, etc.
  • Country of destination.

When you have the product information printed on the side of the carton, you don’t want to print too many details about what the cartons contain. It is safer to use the item number, product code or a style number instead of the name of the product. The bill of lading will have this information as well so that the shipping company and customs will be able to make sure all of the cartons arrived safely.


Port Marks

Some countries, such as Australia, will also require that the export package, container or crate has port marks to help further identify your goods from other companies’ products. Many countries are very strict about their port marks, so it is important that the information is correct. The pallet courier you hire will have the information about correct port marks for the country where your cargo is being sent, so they can help make sure your containers are properly marked.

The port marks for shipping goods from Australia to another country includes:

  • Name of the Shipping Company
  • Surname for the Shipper
  • Port of Loading
  • Port of Discharge
  • A contact telephone number in the country of destination.
  • Number of packages written as 1/50, 1/100. etc.

This information can be printed out on a sticker page and stuck to the external carton so the information can be easily found by the shipping company and customs officials.

By clearly and correctly marking your cartons, your shipments can be accurately tracked along the way to their destination. When your products arrive in port, the information on the packages will help officials note if anything is missing before the shipment is sent on to your customer.

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