7 Characteristics Successful People Don’t Possess

There are a load of things that go into succeeding in business. While entrepreneurs may have varying paths, most successful people possess – and don’t possess – the same qualities and behaviors. Read on for seven habits you should kick if you want to eventually rank with the successful elite.

Successful People

  1. Being Naive

It’s sort of difficult to figure out if you’re naive, but in general, if you seem to be more wide-eyed and optimistic than skeptical and savvy, you’re probably on the naive side. Start questioning everything and get in the habit of considering the source.

  1. Panicking Easily

The business world is packed with pressure. Most of the time, things won’t go as planned; often, they’ll go much, much worse. It’s important to bypass your adrenaline rush in order to deal with the crisis – panicking never helped anybody.

  1. Exhibiting Fanaticism

If you’re lucky enough to turn your passion into a career, you’re likely driven by that passion. Scale back before you get fanatical, though. When people become overly obsessed with a passion, they tend to make bad decisions because they have a skewed vision of reality.

  1. Being Lazy

The bottom line of success is that it takes hard work. Successful people are disciplined, focused, and (almost) never lazy. You can’t be a slacker and succeed. Yes, everybody needs to rest and rejuvenate, but once you’ve done that, you’ll have to work hard, period.

  1. Assuming Quick Fixed Work

Instant gratification is not in the recipe for success. Great things take time and, often, even failure. Perseverance is the most important part of success. Get rid of that quick-fix mindset.

  1. Acting Out Negative Emotions

Everybody has difficult feelings that they need to deal with, but acting them out while at work or at small business events only makes everyone else feel miserable and uncomfortable. Keep feelings of entitlement, shame, and jealousy in check while you’re at work.

  1. Being Selfish

The world doesn’t revolve around you, no matter how great you are at your job. Business is about business and your customers. Always work to serve them.

Some of the most important aspects of success have to do with how you handle stress and how you treat others, from your employees to your customers. Also, you have to be willing to work hard – that’s much easier said than done.

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